Plaza Package in Great Barrington is holding a raffle as all money raised will support the Elizabeth Freeman Center.

The Elizabeth Freeman Center provides lifesaving, life renewing help to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and to their families. You can reach the Elizabeth Freeman Center 24/7 through their toll-free hotline: 1-866-401-2425.They are always there for you.

The services that the Elizabeth Freeman Center offers are free, confidential and include the following:

  • Emergency services including safe phones, food, transportation and shelter
  • Safety planning what to do in case of emergency for whether you stay in or leave your home
  • Help getting a protection order
  • Information for yourself or someone you know
  • Counseling and support
  • Advocacy including on money and housing issues
  • Specialized support for immigrant, LGBTQ, and child survivors

Services are provided remotely when possible. Members from the center will meet in person when necessary. The Elizabeth Freeman Center is closely following DPH and CDC guidelines to keep survivors and staff safe.

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More about the raffle and prizes

The raffle is a basket full of $1,500 in prizes including the following:

  • Rip Van Winkle Whiskey 10 yr: $599
  • Yeti Cooler: $300
  • Ring Doorbell: $100
  • Visa Gift Card: $100
  • But Light Shoppers : $60
  • Patriots Jacket: $75
  • Makers Mark Sweatshirt: $75
  • Plaza Package Sweatshirt: $40
  • T-Shirts: $100

You can purchase your ticket at Plaza Package or get your ticket by going here. When you do this, you can order them for pickup at the store and the staff will have the tickets filled out for you.

The raffle ends on Feb. 28. Jenn Anderson will be on-air with us during the week of Mar. 1 to draw and announce the winner. More details on the exact day and time that Jenn will be on with us are coming soon. Good luck!

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