Recently, Colleen Marchi experienced some troubles with her young son, Cooper as he had a hard time falling asleep as he was going through a transitional time in his life. For starters, he was afraid of the dark and had a massive amount of nightmares resulting in a series of anxiety attacks. The question was simple: what can be done to alleviate this serious problem? The answer: Write a children's book about this sensitive subject.

Colleen created and designed her latest effort entitled "The Magical Order of Brave Knights". The Auburn, California mom has a master's and bachelor's degree in psychology as her mission is to help children address their fears and in the long run, conquer them.

The hard cover story focuses on a young boy who fears bedtime, the dark and monsters that are hiding under his bed. Her son, Cooper is the primary character as he awakes to find Sir William in his presence. This character is a sweet and cuddly bear with a trusting face and strong armor as youngsters will be reassured they are being protected while they are asleep. The end result finds the child well rested and truly energized after a good night's sleep. Sir William is their new forever friend.

Sir William also provides a magical eight image projecting flashlight which provides illustrated images of the main characters as youngsters can shine this magical light on walls, in the closet or under their beds before they go to sleep as this brings them the ability to scare away the things that once frightened them. ad this empowrment can help them conquer their fears and the world.

The mission is to assist any child going through a transitional time in their lives including a family loss, a move, a divorce or an illness as this literature leads to more self-confidence and independence by unleashing their creative potential to change our world and make it a better place for all.

Colleen will join Ron Carson to discuss her new literary project this Saturday morning at 10:05 immediately following the WSBS Trading Post. Tune in to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM, listen LIVE on line by going here. Download the FREE WSBS app to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device from your local app store or Google Play and you can access our programming via Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. Check out the link on our home page to get step-by-step instructions.

To learn more about Colleen's book, log on to this web site. A portion of the proceeds will assist Steven Siller Tunnel Two Towers which offers mortgage free homes to families of 9-11 military, police and fire fighting responders who recently lost their lives stemming from the 2001 tragedy in New York City.

The aim for this project is to offer sweet dreams for all ages. Tune in to learn more about this remedy which can lead to a non-interruptive series of ZZZZ's. And you don't need to leave the light ON!


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