(The following introduction is used by permission from Dr. Pat. This passage is found on the back of her latest book entitled "Why Are You Sick, Fat & Tired?")

Dr. Patricia Boulogne, DC, CCSP, AP, CFMP is a Certified Functional medicine practitioner, coach, chiropractor, speaker and author. She has helped thousands over the last 35 plus years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person. The result is that her clients/patients find out the WHY and CAUSE of the problem and identify the starting point" what, why, where and how to begin their health journey to live longer, better and healthier. Dr. Boulogne is the founder and principal of AskDrPat-HealthTeamNetwork, a company dedicated to skyrocketing your health, lifestyle and mindset with strategies and programs that make sense and help you age gracefully, think, move and feel better and live longer and happier!

The aim of this compilation is to create a plan that keeps each individual toward the road to good health. It is comprised of a group of questions divided into categories as participants keep score by circling numbers of high, medium and low priority and upon completion, the end results are logged on a health chart that determines the final outcome. This will signify the importance of where your health is currently ranking in your life. The book will also serve as a base line so you can be in control of all health related issues and it will not keep you guessing on what the next step is needed to rectify any future problems.

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