He is an energetic, upbeat individual who can also play a mean guitar and it shows. My "Honeymooners" buddy, Andrea Tutrani recently introduced me to the unique talent of Paul Bielatowicz, courtesy of a recent Facebook LIVE jam session and let me tell you: This guy can play and for this reason he is currently touring with one of rock music's legendary icons: ELP's drummer, Carl Palmer (the sole survivor of this eclectic trio).

Guess what: Andrea and I have the honor of being front row and center for a special Veteran's Day concert that takes place on Thursday, November 11th at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are SO excited to attend this performance featuring a special ensemble of talent as this show will remain embedded forever in our hearts.

A fun fact: Paul's guitar savvy attracted Carl Palmer's attention as he was hand picked by him personally back in 2003 and since then they have been entertaining and enthralling audiences worldwide. Paul has been perfecting his craft since he was 7 years old when his father bought him an acoustic guitar as he began taking lessons  and the rest is history.

Some of Paul's musical influences was Dire Straits lead singer and guitarist Mark Knopfler, the late great Eddie Van Halen and his guitar teacher, Dave Duxberry who also was a key mentor in his progress which led to his participation in the musical group Gallifrey back in 1995 as his dream of being a full-fledged rock guitarist finally cam true.

Prior to joining Carl, Paul was an accomplished musical instructor teaching his craft to apprentices in Leeds, Brighton and Guildford, England. This is an example of the famous Saying "Never give up on your dreams, because they could become reality".

Paul has a loyal following on his Facebook page. Check it out and you could also get acquainted with him by heading over to his web site. Better yet, no need to wait as he'll be joining Ron Carson on this weekend's edition of "Let's Talk" for an enjoyable chat and they will discuss a project that salutes a CLASSIC silent film which is about to  celebrating it's 100th anniversary in 2022.

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(Photo image of Paul Bielatowicz courtesy of his Facebook group page)

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