(The following article is courtesy of a report recently filed by CBS 6, WRGB anchor/reporter Heather Kovar)

On December 3rd, 2019, Columbia County EMT's responded to an emergency call on county route 9 in Austerlitz, New York as a 12 year old girl experienced medical issues. The Chatham Rescue Squad transported her to Columbia Memorial Hospital and was later transferred to Albany Medical Center where she passed away 3 days later on December 6th. The cause of death has still yet to be determined. It is still unclear if foul play was a main factor in her passing.

Six months later, the case still remains under investigation as Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett reiterated the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had no part in hampering any recent developments in this case as he stated there was a fatality involved and they are trying to get some concrete answers, however no new leads have surfaced.

CBS 6's Heather Kovar has been following the latest developments on this story and you can view her recent report by going here. A request was recently put in writing to obtain an autopsy report and the Columbia County's Department of Social Services Commissioner added by law, no comments regarding child protection services can be made public.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Branch and New York State Police continue to actively investigate the circumstances surrounding this case as a death has occurred in the vicinity last December. It still remains unclear if this was a homicide until authorities make a final determination in this matter. No arrests have been made as the situation still remains fluid and we will continue to team up with CBS 6 in bringing you the latest developments from neighboring Columbia county.

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