Berkshire Botanical Garden opens its 86th season on Monday, June 8 with the announcement of a generous grant covering free and half-price admission for all visitors through Columbus Day.

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“We are thrilled to open for the season and grateful for a donation from The Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation,” said BBG Executive Director Michael Beck. “BBG takes pride in being a community garden, an oasis where visitors can enjoy what a global pandemic has not changed: the beauty of nature unfolding.”

In compliance with state guidelines, the Garden is now permitted to admit visitors to its Stockbridge campus. Timed ticketing is required, with admission tickets available through the Garden’s website or by calling 413 298-3926. Guests are required to wear masks while on the Garden campus; all public buildings including restrooms will be closed, and one-way paths through the Garden will be established.

You can get more information by going here.

(above information taken from a press release that was sent to WSBS from Berkshire Botanical Garden for online and on air use) 

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