In a press release sent to WSBS from the Great Barrington Police Department,  it's being report that on May 15 Great Barrington Police received a call of a bicyclist riding in the middle of North Plain Road obstructing traffic around 3 p.m. Responding Officers Mitchell Hamilton and James Bragdon arrived to find several vehicles swerving around 36 year old Stanley Zalewski of Great Barrington. Vehicles were being forced into the opposite lane. He explained that his bicycle was broken and the officers offered to assist him. During the conversation Zalewski continued to take aggressive posture and refused to follow directions. He told officers he was not going to jail and took a fighting stance. He became more agitated and would not cooperate with police. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

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Zalewski kept police busy all weekend as police received numerous complaints of him jumping in the river on Grove Street half-naked; refusing to leave a local business for not wearing a mask and a complaint from a local hotel for larceny of room items. Police also received numerous complaints of him trespassing on people's property and knocking on their doors.

Great Barrington Police ask people to be vigilant and call them to report and unusual incidents and have increased patrols in the East Street neighborhood.

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