As you probably know by now a special Great Barrington town meeting will take place on August 6 at 6:00 P.M. for a public vote on whether to to rescind the recent law that would ban the sale of small plastic water bottles (one liter or less) in Great Barrington. More information can be found here. Some folks support the ban while others do not.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Facebook community when we learned that a group gained enough signatures to get a special town meeting scheduled for a re-vote on this issue. You can view that post here

When we asked the Facebook community their thoughts and feelings on this issue, this is what we received for feedback comments:

-If people would only recycle!

-In my opinion, drinking from the plastic bottles is much better than drinking soda or from those awful water stations that someone will certainly turn into bacteria stations very quickly. You say carry personal water bottles....great. What if you have a crying, thirsty child and you are from out of town and where can you get just a small bottle of water to tide them over for a while...very happy this is getting another vote, maybe this time all will get a chance to speak instead of " running out of time"

-That would be great news. A small board should not make a decision like that. It should be voted on by a community and not do goodies that half the year don’t live here.

-In n.y. you can return them for $0.05 each just like soda cans

-Put a disposit on the bottles

-Good. Glad the community will have a say. If people would recycle more, we wouldn’t have so much waste. Not to mention I see more alcohol containers in the street than water bottles. And these people who want the ban don’t have a problem with soda or juice bottles? The ones who want the ban need to go to the state and have a deposit put on the bottles.

-I think that the same people always go to town meeting. I doubt many who are for the repeal will show up.

-Move on folks. More important things to be concerning ourselves with. Get a reusable bottle and visit a spring.

-I disagree with the water bottle band on principle. Because there's too many other bottles of soda of alcohol of Ice-T of energy drinks of many other things that are made of plastic and they didn't go after them. They went after water the thing we need more than anything. I wish people would recycle more maybe that is what great Barrington needs to work on. Their sights on how to recycle the plastic and build tiny homes something else Barrington should look at. I still use my Klean kanteen for my water but like I said I'm principal I disagree of them just going after water bottles.

-You can't stop all plastics so why water

-They still sell & have all kinds of Styrofoam stuff...big time in shipping & packing ???

-We need to be good stewards to our planet.. Apathy is infectious- as a community we need to take action towards preserving resources that keep us alive which are CLEAN air, land, and water. Plastic pollutes and contaminates all of the above. If you don't think this, than you're just uninformed. We need to all be more mindful of the products we use, and the waste that's produced. NOT just water bottles. As a nation we produce an incredible amount of garbage, that is NOT biodegradable or reusable... It's not like they're banning the sale of water, just "single-serving" bottles. I think the next step is banning high caloric and sugar drinks sold in plastic small bottles... It's a process people.

-I see way more empty nip bottles and beer cans than I ever do empty water bottles on the side of the road

So what do you say? Will you be attending the special town meeting on August 6?

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