The Great Barrington Plastic water bottle ban (one liter or less) continues to take center stage in the local media outlets.

The ban which was passed in May was recently challenged and enough votes were raised to get a special meeting in place to possibly repeal the recently passed ban. As you have probably seen and heard in the media lately there are folks both in support of and against the ban and both sides are very passionate in their opinions as you can see here.

There are many local businesses that are not in support of the ban as selling water is a major revenue source especially in summer months/tourist season among other reasons. On the other hand, residents that support the ban do so in part because of the environmental hazards that plastic water bottles cause.

For both parties, there will be a special town meeting at 6:00 P.M. on August 6 for a public vote on whether to rescind the recent law that would ban the sale of small plastic water bottles in Great Barrington according to a recent article in the Berkshire Eagle. What will be the fate of the plastic water bottle ban? We'll find out on August 6.

To read the latest article about the plastic water bottle ban and the special town meeting on August 6, go to the Berkshire Eagle's Website. 

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