The recent Corona Virus outbreak has prompted us to take necessary precautions to protect ourselves including being more vigilant in places that attract crowds of people. The sports world is putting a massive amount of thought in allowing fans to watch athletic events in person. Rensselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York will play host to an ECAC men's hockey quarterfinal series this weekend without any fan presence in response to a pair of confirmed cases of corona virus in neighboring Saratoga county. The R-P-I hockey team is also scheduled to play against Harvard and those weekend contests will also be played without spectators.

This move elicited concerns in the capital city of Albany as the Times Union Center is getting ready to host first round action of March Madness in the middle of this month. The big question is will they include fans to root for their favorite teams in the sold-out downtown venue or is the NCAA going to take a huge financial loss due to this world wide epidemic?

CBS 6's Heather Kovar has been covering this angle of the story since word came out the virus has reached New York's capital region. To view the latest developments, courtesy of WRGB-TV, click on the link and check out the full report.

Meanwhile, if you plan to attend a gathering that features crowds of people, it is suggested to wash your hands often, carry your own personal hand sanitizer and cover up when you have an urge to sneeze. The important part is to pay attention and be a little more vigilant of your surroundings during this trying time.

An update on the number of corona virus cases: Over 170 people have tested positive in neighboring New York. Massachusetts reports 41 statewide with 5 locally based in Berkshire county. Numbers for Connecticut have not been available as of today.

(Image of the Times Union Center courtesy of CBS 6 WRGB-TV) (Video clip courtesy of WRGB and Heather Kovar's Facebook Page)


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