Assault with Intent to Rape
Threatening to Commit a Crime
Assault and Battery

On January 7th, Gombard said "Lady this is gonna be a rape." He said this to a woman after grabbing her arm in the parking lot of the Lipton Mart on Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington. According to the Berkshire Eagle, the woman had just finished her shift in the convenience store; she was able to pull away from Gombard and even snap a photo of his truck as he drove off.

The Berkshire Eagle further reports that Gombard had loitered in and around the convenience store the evening of January 7th for more than two hours while the woman was working her shift at the Subway inside, she told police. The store's surveillance camera footage corroborates the accounts given by the woman and the store manager.

The complete article can be found at the Berkshire Eagle's website.

Toyota Pickup Truck

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