Halloween is over and people are now looking ahead to the holidays. I'm already seeing Christmas lights and decorations on houses throughout Berkshire County. Though it may be kind of early to decorate for Christmas, I can't blame people for wanting to take advantage of the beautiful, mild weather we have been having lately and get a jump start on holiday decorating. Why not? Just one more thing to check off your hectic holiday list.

Speaking of decorations and lights, you have probably noticed over the past several months, we have been featuring articles about the significance of different colored porch lights and why they are displayed at homes during certain times of the year. Our most recent articles featured the meaning behind blue porch lights, purple porch lights, and pink porch lights. Now there is another color to discuss.

You May See Some Green Porch Lights in the Berkshires During November

While I was driving to work one-morning last week, I did see some Halloween decorations that were still displayed. In addition, as I mentioned earlier I did see some houses with Christmas lights and decorations but I also saw a home in the southern Berkshires with a green porch light.

Why Would You See Green Porch Lights in Massachusetts During the Month of November?

There are several reasons that you would see green porch lights during various times of the year which you can check out by going here. But why would you see green porch lights specifically in November?

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The reason for green porch lights being on display during this time of the year is that Veteran's Day is in November. According to Restore Decor and More, some people put out green porch lights on Veterans day to commemorate the service of U.S. veterans, active military personnel, guardsmen, reservists, and other uniformed services.

So there you go, another mystery solved. If you want to display a green porch light this Veteran's Day you can purchase green light bulbs online and at some department/hardware stores.

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