On Friday, Sept. 13 at approximately 9:35 pm; Great Barrington Police received an E911 call from the owner of Bogie's reporting an intoxicated person was chasing people with a knife. A police response to the area at the end of the driveway at Bogie's at Main Street/Route 7 resulted in the arrest of Donald J. Schneider Jr.

Prior to his arrest, Schneider did assault two people with a folding knife with the blade extended. Schneider did make threats to murder those people. Schneider was denied service by the bartender after entering the bar intoxicated. he became disorderly and flipped a bowl of nuts into the air. Staff went out to the parking lot to be sure Schneider was not driving and he confronted them. He pulled out the folding knife and threatened to slit the owner's throat. Schneider recently appeared at Southern Berkshire District Court. Chief William Walsh commended the bar staff for being aware and not serving Mr. Schneider.

Schneider was disorderly in the establishment and later after being placed in a cell at the Great Barrington Police Station, Schneider did vandalize a holding cell with saliva and bath tissue. He was in the cell banging the walls and door, screaming, making unrealistic threats to officers as well as singing and howling. Schneider's bail was set at a $250 fee.

(press release sent to WSBS from the Great Barrington Police Department for online and on-air use) 

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