These past two weeks have been the greatest of my life. My wife (Amber) and I are  enjoying parenthood and we are truly blessed. Hannah Sadie Wlodyka (for those who don't know Stewart is my middle and on-air name but Wlodyka is my last name) was born on Mar. 19 at 3:45AM (a normal time for me to be up in the Hannah weighed in at six pounds two ounces with a length of eighteen and one quarter inches and she is now back up to her birth weight.

Hannah is a super sleeper and a super eater. She wakes us every four to four and a half hours for her meal from which I understand is pretty good. We actually get some sleep in between feedings. My favorite activity with her is cuddling, no doubt. It's been a journey to get to this point but life truly has been good to me. Everyone seems to love Hannah's strawberry blonde hair. What do you think? Take a peek at the photo gallery below.

A special thanks to Sue Bergeron (Amber's aunt) for making the pillow in the featured image. Can you believe that was constructed from scratch?

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