When I was a kid I loved drinking soda. I know, it's a bad habit but back in the day, some bad habits seemed more acceptable. Many Berkshire County folks remember that we had our own soft drink as Squeeze was founded in the Town of Adams with the factory located on Howland Ave.

Yeah, as I stated earlier it seems like there was a time when soda was just more acceptable, or maybe we just didn't know better. I remember back when I was converting my home videos from videotape to DVD, I would go in and out of the room to check on how the process was going. I would sit down for a few minutes in between household chores and relive the memories. At one point I remember walking in and seeing on the screen a birthday party at my North Adams house from the early '90s and it looked like a commercial for RC (Royal Crown) Cola as a majority of the people in the video had a blue RC can in their hands. RC seemed to have a bit of a spike in the '90s. I remember it being on sale quite a bit at that time.

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With all of this talk about soft drinks, I wanted to mention that there was a study done recently that released results on the most popular soft drink in each state. Eat This, Not That compiled the list. Before we discover what the most popular soft drink in Massachusetts is, let's take a look at some of the Bay State's surrounding areas (Go here to find out what Massachusetts' most popular road trip snack is. It is a bit strange).

  • Connecticut - Squirt
  • Maine - Root Beer
  • New Hampshire - Diet Coke
  • New York - Faygo
  • Rhode Island - Orange Soda
  • Vermont - Cream Soda

So, What is the Most Popular Soft Drink in Massachusetts?

Believe it or not, its...

This surprises me as I thought Pepsi or Coke would have been king of the hill for Massachusetts but nope the Dew sits high atop the Mountain, pardon the pun (Massachusetts' most popular pizza topping is a bit controversial. Go here to find out what it is).

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