Recently the staff at WSBS has been toying with the idea of moving Saturday morning's "Trading Post" program from the 8 am hour to 9-10 am. Currently, the "Trading Post" has been extended an extra half hour while "Growing Your Garden" with Greg Ward is off for the winter (normally the "Trading Post" airs from 8:10-9 am but currently it airs from 8:10 - 9:30 am.) Come late spring/early winter, Greg will we back and the "Trading" Post will return to its normal slot unless we make a schedule change.

We're thinking, if we move Greg to 8:30 - 9 am and place the "Trading Post" from 9-10, the program may receive more phone calls as folks like to sleep in on Saturday and under the current time slot, arrive late to the "Trading Post" party. Of course we want to make sure all parties are happy including Greg, the "Growing Your Garden" listeners and the "Trading Post" callers. Before we make any changes, we wanted to get your thoughts and a way to do that is to vote in our poll. The poll closes at 7 am this Friday. I'll recap the results on Friday morning.



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