Back in 1982 I got my first state of being involved in the day-to-day operations of a major radio station in the nation's top market, my ol' home town of New York City as my contributions and the friendships that transpired at WHN radio are near and dear to me.

Two of the station's top radio personalities, Lee Arnold and Del DeMontreaux served as mentors and role models as they gave me all the tools needed to become a personality oriented radio announcer with a purpose to implement a one-on-one association with the audience who is listening and I still embody this practice when working at WSBS.

Let's not forget another important person whose wisdom and advice has guided me towards my career path as WHN's Gene Ladd was also instrumental in preparing me for my first professional on air and news gig one year later at the former WCKL-AM in neighboring Catskill, New York.

It was at WHN where I met Sheila York who was hired as the evening personality for the top country radio station in the nation as she replaced Dana Lauren and the end result paid dividends as The Big Apple was fortunate to share in her on-air talent and the few times she was at work earlier than usual, I was fortunate to meet Sheila and add another radio peer to my pool of friends in broadcasting. But years went by and we lost touch. However we were fortunate to re-connect as she appeared as a live guest at 2 other radio stations I worked at in the past and now it's the tri-state region's turn to get acquainted with her during this weekend's Saturday Morning Chat.

Sheila has since traded in her headphones and microphone and uses pen and paper to display her other newfound talent: writing. In the past few years she has favored us with a quartet of mystery novels set in 1940's Hollywood featuring the tales of her main  character, script writer Lauren Atwill who has a penchant for adding a little more adventure into her life, but the end result could spell D-A-N-G-E-R.

Sheila's writing credits include her first book "No Broken Hearts" followed by "Death In Her Face", "A Good Knife's Work" and "Star Struck Dead" and she will clue us in on her 5th novel featuring her heroine who is a natural in solving a good old fashioned mystery. The release date has yet to be announced, but of course we will keep you posted on further details. Sheila is also Treasurer of New York's Chapter of The Mystery Writers of America, hence her experience in creating stories from this genre as reviews stated once you start reading, you'll wind up staying the course through one sitting as you'll continue to read her compelling stories until you reach the final page.

Sheila will check in with me Saturday at 10:05 am immediately following the Trading Post. Tune in to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM, download the FREE WSBS app to your smart Phone, tablet or mobile device from your local app store or Google Play. You can listen on line via our web site by going here and while you're there go to the black trending bar for set up and instructions for Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

You can also check out Sheila's web site by logging on here. A final note: My father best described her in one word regarding her on-air sound at WHN when we would listen in the car radio: Charming with a capital C.

(Photo of Sheila York and background information courtesy of her personal web site)

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