WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Richard Neal (D-MA) released the following statement after becoming Chairman-Designate of the House Committee on Ways & Means:

“I am grateful to my colleagues for trusting me with this responsibility. Taking on this new role is a true honor, one that I take extremely seriously and have worked toward throughout my time in Congress.

“We must use our majority on the Ways & Means Committee to advance policies that put American families first. I will continue my fight for tax policies that are fair to working families and small businesses. I will work with my colleagues to develop innovative solutions to rebuild our infrastructure needs. And as I have throughout my career, I will oppose efforts to privatize Social Security and slash Medicare and will propose new ways for Americans to save for retirement and access affordable health care. I look forward to helping lead Democrats’ efforts to increase opportunity for the American people and restore the integrity of the federal government.”

(press release sent to WSBS from media representatives of the House Committee on Ways & Means for online and on-air use, article image taken from Richard Neal's Facebook page)

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