It would be hard to argue, moms are the most hardworking individuals on the planet. They deserve a special day dedicated to them. Out of curiosity, WSBS went to our Facebook community and asked our local moms (and beyond) how they would like to spend/celebrate Mother's Day this year. Based on the responses we received, most moms don't want or need anything very extravagant.

The most common response we received was that moms just want to spend time with family, particularly their kids. It could be any activity as long as their children are involved. Some other common responses included going to the spa and getting manicure and pedicures done and/or getting a massage. One response included going on a cruise. A couple of responses included wanting to spend time alone on Mother's Day and a very specific request included spending time in Nantucket with a giant Bloody Mary while eating a cheeseburger and shrimp.

It's fun to see how our local community wants to celebrate Mother's Day and you can view all of the responses that we received by going here. After you click the link, you will see the question that we posed. Underneath the question click the 31 comments link. Clicking the link will show you all of the responses. Have fun and Happy Mother's Day.

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