Aug. 19 - Here's the latest state of the board. As you can see there are now 32  numbers removed from the board. Only four out of 36 numbers remain including: 5, 20 23, 30. So those are the numbers you'll want to choose from when it comes time to play. Good luck! Rick Cantele from Salisbury Bank will draw the grand prize winner this morning at approximately 8:30 but we have a few last chance shots for you to win a prize and get in the running to win $500.

Keep checking here every morning. As we continue to get winners the board will be updated giving you the advantage over other contestants that don't check the website for updated Match For Money board pics. Match For Money promo with game play instructions included below.  

It’s time to make winners including cash with Match For Money on WSBS! Here’s how it works. From Aug. 5 through the 16, we’ll take three lucky callers weekdays to pick from our Match For Money Board! There are 36-numbers on the big board, you pick two, and if they match, you win the prize.

Prizes include gift cards, merchandise, tickets and more! If they don’t match, you can try again! If you do win the prize, what’s more, is you’re then also entered to win $500 in cash from Salisbury Bank! You match, you win and when you win, you could win again thanks to Salisbury Bank!

We’ll take all Match For Money winners, then Monday morning Aug. 19, Rick Cantele, President of Salisbury Bank will be live in studio to draw our $500 winner! It’s Match For Money from Salisbury Bank – schedule a review of your banking health and discover smart banking solutions that can save you time and money! Good luck from WSBS!

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