There's a first time for everything and in this instance, we are trying something different in the first of 2 "Let's Talk" segments that will be featured this Saturday morning on YOUR Home Town Station.

We will be featuring "An Author's Roundtable" as a pair of authors will be in studio together and will be answering a "lightning round" of questions regarding their literary efforts, past and present within a 15 minute time span. If this feature passes muster, we will be repeating this segment every month on WSBS.

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Let's introduce you to our first 2 contestants:

First up, Irene Pough. She resides in neighboring Catskill, New York (the locale where I got my start in professional radio) as her stories mainly take place in the Empire State's Adirondack Mountains including her most recent effort, ""Sacandaga Sunrise" and "Demons of The Great Sacandaga Lake". Her earlier works include a pair of compelling stories including "A New Season" and "Martha's Upset Apple Cart". besides writing, Irene also serves as a pastor at various local churches in the Upper Hudson Valley.

Next up, Henya Drescher whose specialty is writing psychological thrillers that truly keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. She phoned in to "Let's Talk" during the summer to discuss her latest work entitled "Stolen Truth" which is selling well at local book stores and nationwide and another novel is currently in the works (we'll keep you posted on it's upcoming release). Henya also writes a series of blogs on her personal web site and is also an avid gardener while spending her down time here in the beautiful Berkshires. She also lives in my ol' home town of New York City.

Part 2 of this weekend's "Let's Talk" features former Spectrum Worcester reporter and anchor, Valerie Bell. She recently left her Bay State post to embark on a new adventure and you'll have "the inside scoop" on where she landed (Hint: It is not in new England).

During her 2 years at Spectrum, Valerie has showed us her reporting savvy as all stories and assignments were presented to the audience in a professional and dedicated manner. It showed me this young lady enjoyed telling a story that engaged the viewer as we hope this new venture continues to feature her in front of a camera.

Central and Western Massachusetts TV audiences already miss Valerie's on-camera presence, but I am confident she will excel in her future venture. To sum it up in three simple words: A TRUE PRO!!


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Follow Valerie via her Facebook Page as she will keep us posted on the latest news and happenings regarding the latest chapter in her life and you can revisit some of the highlights from her days in Central Massachusetts which brought cable audiences a little bit of everything from "hard news of a serious nature" to stories that were presented on a "lighter note". You can also connect with Valerie via the social media business site, Linked In.

Join us for this special "Let's Talk" double header by setting your radio dial to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM, LIVE on line by logging on to our web site, the FREE WSBS app that you can download to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device at your local app store (Remember: "WE ARE PORTABLE") plus you can click the LISTEN tab for step-by-step instructions to access YOUR Home Town Station via Google Home or Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

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