Our audience in northwestern Connecticut will hear a familiar voice across our airwaves as they remember watching Sarah Barr anchoring the weekend morning newscasts on WFSB-TV, (channel 3) the CBS affiliate in Hartford. She has a TRUE journalistic savvy which resulted in being the recipient of four Emmy nominations for her work on the field when she hit the streets covering a story with sheer professionalism. And I can attest to that as she was ALWAYS starting my weekends off with the day's news and information during my days of living south of the border..

Sarah is currently the CEO and Founder of Washashore Writing based in the Hartford, Connecticut area as she takes the time to provide personal attention to provide women who are proven leaders in business, community and government ventures. She will bring attention to detail on a one-on-one basis with her prospective talents as they rely on proven experience in transforming their thoughts and ideas into words that garner results each and every time.

Sarah also is best known for presenting informative press briefings at Connecticut's capital city while serving two Hartford mayors. She also served as Vice President of Corporate and Government Communications for Webster Bank in Connecticut with over three decades of experience as her talents as a proven problem solver and consummate communicator have presented the opportunity to begin her own business venture in her daily journey in life.

Sarah will return to her radio roots this Saturday as she will join Ron Carson for some lively conversation on the upcoming edition of "Let's Talk" immediately following the 9 o'clock news. As an added bonus, she will co-host The Trading Post at 9;30 and will sit in with yours truly and Kevin Titus (New England's George Reeves) for this month's 10 @ 10 @ 10:10.

Tune in on-air to 94.1 FM, (hopefully we will also have the chat available on 860 AM as the frequency is STILL experiencing transmitter maintenance issues) listen LIVE on-line by going here and while you are on our web site, click the LISTEN tab on the home page and scroll down to either WSBS on Alexa OR WSBS on Google Home for step-by-step instructions to enable your Smart Speaker device. You can download the FREE WSBS app at your local app store to your tablet, Smart phone OR mobile device and take us along wherever you GO: "WE ARE PORTABLE"!!

 (Sarah Barr personally sent featured image photo with her endorsement to be used in this article)

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