1) Robert checked in from "Lovely Lee" as he is selling a set of acid based concrete stain removal that converts into a particular color and turns to stone. The entire set is priced at $50, firm and a wooden drawing table 30 by 40 inches wide with an adjustable top for ONLY $40 or he'll take best offer. To inquire further, call (413) 427-7351.

2) Al in Housatonic has a trio of items a 2 by 3 foot square foot rabbit cage with accessories, a cash register and drawer and a 50 inch sub woofer for a home stereo system, ALL for $20 or he will take best offer. If interested, give him a call at 1-518-428-2618.

3) Richie in "Lovely Lee" is looking for Rolling Stones memorabilia. If you can assist him in his quest, phone (413) 212-0452.

4) Bill from Egremont has a rotunda head cylinder service kit for re-doing cylinders on selected Ford vehicles priced at $350 firm. For more information, phone (413) 429-7667.

5) Donna in Great Barrington STILL has an assortment of furniture for sale including upholstered chairs with wood trim, a sleeper sofa, bookcases and a china closet with a glass front ALL available for best offer. She also has a hospital bed, FREE of charge complete with accessories, but you must supply the mattress. For more details, call (413) 528-2085.

6) Tom in Great Barrington has a 27 by 33 inch plate glass mirror one eighth inch thick, bronze tinted in color with a chip in the corner, FREE of charge. If you need more details, call (413) 528-0124.

7) John in Great Barrington has some items for you model train enthusiasts including 6 Christmas Lionel O'Gauge size box cars sale priced at $25 a piece or he'll take best offer and a Minneapolis, St. Louis GP-9 red, white and blue engine available for BEST offer. If interested, call (413) 281-7188.

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