1) Robert got things going from "lovely" Lee as he STILL has a 30 by 40 inch oak desk with pull-out side parts and a swivel chair both available for $75, a cherry colored head board for a double bed with shelves, incredibly priced at only $20 and a variety of acid concrete stained products including 7 gallons of copper patina which interacts with concrete and transfers into color. Sealers and wax are also included as these products are all priced firm at $75. For more details, call (413) 427-7351.

2) A listener is selling a Bow Flex M-5 Max trainer with mat. She will take best offer. If interested, call (413) 854-3829.

3) "Honda Bob" checked in from Housatonic as he STILL has 4 all season Michelin tires (model # 225-75-16) mounted on Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels. The whole set sells for $300 firm. He also has a Snell rated helmet (model # CR-17) priced at $100 firm and a Canon Rebel camera kit complete with carrying case, a 55 and 300 millimeter lens all for only $400. For more information, phone (413) 274-3867.

4) If you are a Star Wars fan, Jim has a trio of talking banks from the 1977 film featuring Obi Wan Ben Kenobi, Darth Maul and Qui-Gon-Ginn. The whole set sells for $75 or he'll take best offer. A must-have if you are a collector of this fantastic sci-fi memorabilia. Give him a call at (413) 528-3473.

5) So happy Florence is doing better after a small health set-back and she wants to sell a quartet of vintage ice cream bar chairs with a metal mesh top. The whole package is available for $600 or each chair will be sold individually for $150. She STILL has that vintage mahogany frame from a baby grand piano shell that can easily be converted into a coffee table for the reduced price of $75 or she'll take best offer plus 14 chocolate tin rabbit molds are up for grabs. Prices may vary. By all means, call (413) 528-4887.

6) Gary is looking for a Farmell C tractor. If you can help him out in his quest, call (413) 528-4150. He also has a 10 inch Craftsmen table saw for the firm price of $100.

7) Pierre from "beautiful" Becket has 4 Hankook snow tires for a Subaru vehicle (model # 225-C5-R16) for the low price of $100 or he'll even take best offer (an incredible deal if you ask me). He STILL is in search of vintage advertising signs. You can call him at (413) 441-2239.

8) Nick has a pair of 800 watt Bull Spectrum lights sale priced at $75 firm. For more details, phone (413) 528-5611.

9) Enrico has an assortment of items for sale including a snow blower for $250, a 4 wheeler and blaster available for $1,500, a Hitachi 12 inch sliding saw also priced at $250 and a variety of power tools. He'll also take best offer for any or all of these items featured. To inquire further, call (413) 770-3770.

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