Berkshire county's pride and joy, Pamela Knowles is making her first LIVE appearance in her backyard as the Alford native has now maintained permanent residence in her beloved south county domain. You can best describe Pamela as a jazz singer, one of the finest worldwide recording artists in her field and an accomplished voice teacher.

All of these components result in an electrifying concert that is sure to entertain ALL audiences as her "smooth as silk" performance takes you to a sultry nightclub like atmosphere while a true energy and passion is exhibited and I can attest to that first hand. Pamela's true musical gift is recognized around the world throughout the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia (She actually lived in the land down under for years while perfecting her craft and recorded a pair of CD's with an array of accomplished musicians).

Pamela's other talents include teaching the art of voice to prospective singers. She has been deemed as a trained somatic movement coach exploring creativity through improvisation as her aim is to bring you into a musical journey that you will never soon forget as her songbook features the likes of everyone from Cole Porter to Chick Corea.

Tune in to the WSBS Saturday Morning edition of "Let's Talk" this weekend at 9:05 am as Pamela will join Ron Carson for a detailed look at her musical accomplishments and she will give exclusive details on her return appearance in Berkshire county which takes place on September 25th (we are keeping this information under wraps for now).

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To learn more about Pamela, check out her updated web site by logging on here.

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