Louise Murray is a near and dear friend as we are both native New Yorkers. She has been a musical icon for over six decades and continues to tour presenting powerhouse live performances to loyal and true audiences at various local venues including Lincoln Center and The Beacon Theatre in Manhattan and at Foxwoods Fox Theatre in neighboring Connecticut. Our featured image on this blog showcases a recent performance of Louise along side the late, great Willie Winfield, lead singer of The Harptones.

She began her musical journey a member during the early days of rock and roll as a member of The Hearts, one of the first "girl groups" in achieving success in the realm of rhythm and blues. The quintet consists of 4 females and one male member. They all gained popularity with a pair of hit singles "Lonely Nights" and "Oo-Wee" as they shared the stage with notable musical acts that included Roy Hamilton, The Cadillacs, Buddy Johnson's band and the legendary Billie Holiday.

Louise then went on to become one of The Jaynettes as she teamed up with Selena Healey, Maria Hood and Lezli Valentine to record a top 5 hit single "Sally Go Round The Roses" in 1963. The catchy sing-along tune reached # 2 on the Billboard pop charts. It was the group's sole hit record as this song took it's place as a memorable moment in musical history.

Recently, Louise took center stage at The Triad Theatre in New York City as she was a featured singer that honored our mutual friend, Larry Storch (best known as Corporal Randolph Agarn from the 60's comedy series "F-Troop") on his recent 98th birthday celebration. She also performed a terrific rendition of "At Last" during Larry's 95th extravaganza at that same venue in 2018 as I was also honored to be in attendance to take part during this milestone celebration.

It was there where I also met one of my top 5 actresses of ALL time, Barbara Feldon (best known as agent 99 on the 60's TV series "Get Smart") as she also entertained the guest of honor and members of this audience in high fashion. Ironically, Larry guest starred on this beloved show in 1967 as "The Groovy Guru", a radio personality who worked for KAOS and his specialty was putting his teenage and adult audiences into mind bending trances and broadcasting subliminal messages against the establishment. He even put Maxwell Smart (Larry's dear friend, Don Adams) and 99 into his evil spell as well (one of my favorite episodes of all time due to the radio connection).

Louise will join Ron Carson on Thursday's edition of "Let's Talk" LIVE from New York City on YOUR Home Town Station immediately following the 9 o'clock news. She will also select one of her personal "sounds of the season" to air immediately after the chat. Tune in to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM. Listen LIVE on line by logging on to our web site www.wsbs.com. You can also access the chat by down loading the FREE WSBS app at your local app store to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device and through Google and Amazon Alexa enabled devices. Step-by-step instructions to install your Smart Speaker are available by clicking the LISTEN tab on our home page.

You are invited to look back at Louise's musical accomplishments by logging on to her web site by going here

(Photo of Louise with The Harptones used by permission and in a previous article courtesy of Louise Murray's Facebook page)

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