Every month Lisa Z joins me LIVE in studio to co-host on a Saturday morning with yours truly. However, due to all the complications and restrictions that surfaced because of the Corona Virus situation, it is with deep regret that we are postponing her appearance this weekend on WSBS. Hopefully we can have her back in house during the month of April as she will return to the beautiful Berkshires in high fashion.

In the meantime, Lisa is forging ahead with her latest novel entitled "The Book of Jo Ann" which remains a work in progress, a follow-up to "The Unspoken Truth" which continues to impact those who read about her trying and difficult situation in life. Her journey as the Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Child Abuse Adult Survivors continues despite these trying times as a lack of social gathering has also curtailed her agenda that includes information lectures, seminars and book signings.

You can always log on to Lisa's personal web site to familiarize yourself on what she is all about as you can also follow her adventures past and present. The page also provides valuable information on her daily mission.

Stay safe, Lisa Z and once we return to a sense of normalcy, we are ready to have you back in the studio to ROCK the house as "The Radio Express" takes a hiatus, but we will get back on track at some point, guaranteed. Truly The Real Deal and I am blessed to call her one of my dearest friends in life. See you soon!

A programming note: We will air an encore edition of a previous Saturday Morning Chat on WSBS at 10:05 am immediately following The Trading Post and Greg Ward's "Growing your Garden" will be on at 8:30 am as we will feature a replay from a spring time show that aired last March here on YOUR Home Town Station.

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