As you have been hearing and seeing on our website, an all new 2020 iteration of the classic series “Unsolved Mysteries” will be coming to Netflix’s streaming service with the first six episodes available for viewing beginning July 1.

Episode five is “The Berkshire County UFO occurrence of 1969.” Coming up this Friday morning (June 26) at 9:05 on "Let’s Talk," Jesse Stewart will be speaking with the creator and executive producer of “Unsolved Mysteries,” Terry Dunn Meurer. Terry will fill us in with all the details of the production of the new series as well as a synopsis of each of the six new episodes. Plus a lookback of the original series.

In a press release from Netflix, Terry had this to say about the 2020 edition of "Unsolved Mysteries" and their venture with Netflix:

21 Laps Entertainment has been a great partner in our new venture, and we’re thrilled to have  UNSOLVED MYSTERIES streaming in millions of homes on Netflix. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES  will now be more interactive than ever. Members can press pause to study a photo or  document. They can rewind and revisit case details at any time ​— options that weren’t  available to our early followers.

That’s "Let’s Talk" this Friday morning at 9:05 on WSBS! Take a peak at the trailer below.

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