Do you have a child that is getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall? Do you or your child have some questions about Kindergarten? Maybe you need to know more about the process or maybe you want to see what projects local kindergarten students are working on here in the Southern Berkshires? All of these topics and more will be accessible to you this Saturday.

Join WSBS as we broadcast live on April 7th, from Berkshire South Regional Community Center, 15 Crissey Road, Great Barington for the "Get Ready for K-Day" event. This is a fun day for the entire family. While you are there, checkout the many activities that will keep you and the little ones entertained and informed including:

-Viewing artwork from local preschool children in the 1st annual "Kinder Art Show"

- Watching young children’s stories come to life with real actors as part of The "Word Project"

- Participating in lunch tray relays and a quiet room

- Gathering information on Kindergarten and other local programs

- Spinning the WSBS Prize Wheel at a chance of winning some fun prizes

The event is this Saturday from 1:00-3:00 and Jesse Stewart will be broadcasting live on WSBS. We'll see you there!

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