One aspect about the the southern Berkshires that is both unique and absolutely fantastic is the choice of dining options. If you're from here, you know what I mean. You have high end dining options along with everyday favorites and restaurants that fall somewhere in the middle along with variety galore. No matter what the price point though, eateries in the southern Berkshires welcome you with open arms while giving off a hometown vibe and atmosphere. It feels much like 'Cheers' in many of our beloved restaurants.

For us at the station, it's a treat being able to get restaurant owners to record their spots. Some owners may be shy and as a result we cut their ads for them but it's a treat when you hear from someone representing the eatery, telling you their story. When I put myself in the listener's shoes, it's a warm, interpersonal experience. I love learning about new places to dine and what better way than by listening to someone who represents the eatery and has a passion for his/her craft.

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Perfecting his brick oven Pizza recipe during the coronavirus pandemic, Roberto Robles also known as Robbie will be opening a new restaurant entitled 'Roberto's Pizza' which is located at at 113 Main Street in Sheffield at the end of this month.

A bit about Robbie's career from Robles himself:

My career started when I was 16 at the oldest inn in the Berkshires and that's where my love of hospitality was born. I excelled through the ranks quickly, maybe a little too quickly, as I was more focused on performing magic tricks for the diners than serving the food. Since then, I've put in some long hours as a sous chef and more recently was involved with four successful start-ups. Through these projects I have honed my skills with my forte being operations and logistics. During this pandemic I took my knowledge and skills to New York where I met my pizza guru. Together we perfected a recipe that I am excited to bring back to the Berkshires. I can't remember a time when I wasn't cooking- my Ama (grandmother) introduced me to food at an early age and it has remained my passion ever since. It will be my honor to bring pizza and community to Sheffield and to the Berkshires.

In addition, Robbie had a specific vision for opening the new restaurant. He said the following:

When I created Roberto's Pizza during a pandemic, I was envisioning the rainbow after the storm. As a local Sheffield, MA boy, it is my dream to create a space that can bring the community together; a place you want to go back to again and again, an intimate place where you feel at home.

Robbie's menu includes pizza, soups, salads even ice cream and many more options. You can  learn more about Robbie, the new restaurant, the menu, hours, career opportunities and more by going here.

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