As you may or may not know, for the past week and half, WSBS has been making winners through our APP-solute Trivia contest. We have teamed up with Sheffield Kiwanis and each weekday morning at 8:30 we have been sending out trivia questions via app alert. The first two callers in with the correct answer each win a ticket from Sheffield Kiwanis that gets them one step closer to winning $2,500 cash or a SCAG Liberty Zero Turn Mower. Get complete details by going here.

Below is the list of winners that have one their ticket. Will you be next?

  • Brad Wilson of Housatonic
  • Elaine Campbell of Richmond
  • Austin Mosca of Lee
  • Mike Farrera of Hillsdale, NY
  • Eric Smith of Richmond
  • Jim Morrison of Stockbridge
  • Paul Dumont of Becket
  • Gail Morrison of Stockbridge
  • Sue Funk of Ashley Falls
  • Erik Peterson of West Stockbridge
  • Brad Licht of Ashley Falls
  • Diane Netzer of Great Barrington
  • Kerry Macronald of West Stockbridge
  • Phil Farrere of Hillsdale, NY
  • Sheila Farnum of Sheffield, MA
  • Charlotte Wilson of Housatonic
  • Matt Wilson of Southfield
  • Brett Erikson of Ashley Falls
  • Bill Cahill of Stockbridge
  • Ron Farrere of Hillsdale, NY

If you have not won up to this point, you have a final shot tomorrow morning at 8:30 with APP-solute Trivia. If you don't want to take a chance on winning, you can always purchase a ticket here at WSBS, from any Sheffield Kiwanis member, by calling Dave Smith at (413) 429-6872. or by going here.

Just a reminder that if you have already won a ticket for this contest, you can't win a second ticket from us. You are still able to participate in other WSBS contests (in this case) if you have won a mower raffle ticket.

Good luck! Hopefully Sheffield Kiwanis will be drawing your name on Tuesday, July 28.

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