It brings me joy and happiness to announce "My radio wife" Lisa Z will join yours truly LIVE in studio for the first time since February of 2020 on YOUR Hometown Station during this Saturday morning's "Let's Talk" segment. She will also assist in our fast paced 30 minute "Trading Post" as you will have a chance to speak with her while buying or selling your items LIVE on the air.

Z has been checking in from her Springfield, Massachusetts residence as the COVID-19 pandemic prevented her from sharing the podium with me in our radio booth, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we look forward to having her with us as the WSBS studios will feature a familiar voice who has also become a designated member of our on-air family.

To refresh your memory, Lisa and I connected via the social media LInked-In network in 2017 as my interest in her premiere literary effort "The Unspoken Truth" led to her first LIVE in-studio appearance and the rest is history. Her compelling content continues to impact readers as this story is based on factual events in her life that are documented in each pivoting chapter. The writing was very gripping and emotional in nature, but this was her story and she wanted to share this with readers worldwide. Because of this action, a lifelong rock solid friendship formed between us.

Lisa is currently working on her second literary accomplishment "The Book of Jo Ann" as she hopes to release this novel by year's end. This is another chapter in her life that she wants to share with the reading public as another stage in her life needed to be known as her experiences were not simple and she faced massive obstacles. the book will also serve as a tribute to her late mother.

We will also feature her special segment "What's Up With Lisa Z" for updates on various happenings that gear towards her all important mission in life. She also serves as The Bay State's Ambassador for The National Association of Child Abuse Adult Survivors with a goal to assist those who cannot speak up as people during this trying situation. Lately, Lisa has been involved in virtual presentations and received some coveted honors which benchmarks the reason why she continues lending a voice toward this sensitive subject matter.

It is because of this work and her ties to the Berkshires (she was once a resident of "Beautiful Becket" before moving east to Springfield) as we made this rock-solid connection. I can describe Z in just one word: :"INNOVATIVE". She is truly "my esteemed radio colleague" as the spotlight shines on her LIVE appearances on WSBS, therefore earning the coveted honor of being "my on-air radio wife".

Check out Lisa's personal web site as you'll find a wealth of information, a series of blogs and some cool photos featuring the two of us in her gallery as this platform serves as a terrific way to get acquainted with this lovely lady who I truly regard as "good people". There is also a new addition to her page which features a salute to WSBS: "Radio Home of the Berkshires". You can also connect with Z via FacebookLinked In and via Instagram as these sites also update you on her latest accomplishments and her all-important mission in life.

Tune in to "Let's Talk" featuring Lisa Z" this Saturday at 9:05 am on 860 AM and 94.1 FM, WSBS. Listen LIVE by going here and while you are on our web site, click the LISTEN tab and scroll down to WSBS on Alexa OR WSBS on Google Home for step-by-step instructions to access your Smart Speaker device. Download the FREE WSBS app at your local app store OR Google Play to your tablet, Smart Phone OR mobile device and take us along wherever you GO. Remember: "WE ARE PORTABLE". 

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