Our monthly Saturday morning feature, 10 @ 10 @ 10:10 am returns to our airwaves as "New England's George Reeves", Kevin Titus will make his return appearance on YOUR Home Town Station. Kevin is best known for making appearances as Daily Planet reporter, Clark Kent and has been spotted in his vintage Superman costume all through out the tri-state region. His specialty is bringing back an array of timeless characters back to life amidst a positive reception from audiences of all ages.

This past Tuesday, he conducted a memorial service commemorating the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor at a Veteran's monument in Canaan, Connecticut. Tributes will take place here in Great Barrington as "The Man Of Steel" will look back at a tragic event that occurred just off route 23, 87 years ago as the general public is invited to the actual site of a truck mishap that resulted in the untimely passing of members who were a part of the Civilian Conservative Corp.

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Kevin is normally accompanied by his sidekick, Michael Paul Esposito who is also known as "New England's Jimmy Olsen" and he also hosts a successful weekly internet radio program entitled "Time Out With Kevin" which reaches a loyal audience via his Facebook page.

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Prior to the 10 @ 10, Ron Carson's "radio wife" Lisa Z joins him LIVE in studio for another edition of "What's Up With Lisa Z" as she has a lot to discuss to close out 2021. Topics included will be an upcoming Sunday seminar to provide state funding to assist our youth as the COVID-19 pandemic continues it's world wide grip, more updates on The Bay State's Hope Squad Program and we'll check on her progress regarding the Completion of her second book entitled "The Book of Jo Ann"

Check out Lisa's personal web site as you'll find a wealth of information, a series of blogs and some cool photos featuring the two of us in her gallery as this platform serves as a terrific way to get acquainted with this lovely lady who I truly regard as "good people". There is also a new addition to her page which features a salute to WSBS: "Radio Home of the Berkshires". You can also connect with Z via FacebookLinked In and via Instagram
Tune in to "Let's Talk" featuring Lisa Z" this Saturday at 9:05 am, followed by the fast-paced half hour "trading Post at 9:30 and stick around for our monthly 10 @ 10 @ 10:10 feature featuring Kevin Titus. We are also featuring your favorite "sounds of the season" all weekend long.

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