Let's face it: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an assortment of problems and financial worries nationwide as people have been facing hard times in meeting their financial needs. Two of the hot button issues that posed difficulties include re-payment of student loans and mortgages that resulted in a slew of foreclosures. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will be able to assist you during our Saturday edition of "Let's Talk" on YOUR Home town Station.

Lisa Ashman is an expert in these fields. She is based in Victor, New York, southeast of the Rochester area as her knowledge on these subjects at hand adds up to over 28 years of experience in the fields of debt collection, counseling and financial planning.  At one point, Lisa was handling collections and her mission is to assist borrowers who are facing severe obstacles in paying their monthly and yearly finances, which has been quite common since last spring when the pandemic gripped the world and STILL refuses to let go as more obstacles of COVID-19 remain rampant worldwide.

If by chance, you are experiencing any hardships, we invite you to tune in for an informative edition of "Let's Talk" this Saturday morning at 9:05 as Ron Carson welcomes Lisa back to our airwaves. She has a plethora of advice to share with us to ease the situation at hand. Just picture her as a personal coach who is ready to lend a hand for those who need to escape from their financial burdens. Her motive is to lend an ear and assist in the cause for each individual to get out of debt. .

Four years ago, Lisa has tackled a new mission in the realm of digital marketing as she founded an educational company that teaches professionals and future entrepreneurs a variety of skills while embarking on a career in business to further their marketing ventures. Her daily work ethic has paid dividends as she has coached over 3,000 students who have faced daily hardships in paying off their obligated loans. Her passion to assist others is a prime example of "paying it forward" and that practice shows in her daily work ethic.

In 2018, Lisa faced her own set back as her company was abruptly shut down and afterwards she abandoned her lap top and went towards a person to person encounter with families who faced the prospect of losing their homes through foreclosure as she offers alternatives to combat the problem at hand. Her expertise garnered the trust of many clients as her beneficial advice offers alternatives to guide you through the process as home owners who have reached that realm can find some solace in these alternative suggestions. Moral of this story: "There is hope and NEVER give up!"

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(Photo image of Lisa Ashman used by permission, courtesy of her Facebook page)

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