1) Florence has an assortment of gowns, a frame from a baby grand piano that can also double up as a coffee table and 35 wooden clothes hangers all available for best offer....Give her a call at (413) 528-4887.

2) Pat checked in from Mariaville, New York with a variety of items including a 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee Tractor available for $2,200, an assortment of 8 millimeter movies with a splicer machine all for only $250 and a collection of aeronautic items that date back from the 1930's to World War 2 priced at $350 or she will take best offer....To inquire further, call 1-518-843-6117.

3) Vinnie STILL has a glass top oven stove available for $100 or he'll take best offer....For more information, call (413) 329-4438.

4) Don STILL has a CD player for the incredible price of $20. If interested, call (413) 854-8961.

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