From The Great Barrington police Department

There was an adult arrest at a library event on Friday. A very large crowd spilled into the parking lane, bike lane and travel lane northbound in front of the library. Two arrests occurred (one juvenile) for disorderly conduct after failing to obey Officer Sam Stolzer's orders to exit travel lane and stop blocking traffic. Traffic was backed up to WSBS. One of the defendants names is Tobias Walker of Wyomissing, PA

People kept using the crosswalk back and forth slowing down traffic and causing traffic jams until police arrived to clean things up. Police from many mutual aid departments assisted in crowd control as police kept the northbound lane flowing along with the southbound lane and eventually moving people off the roadway and back to the sidewalk.

The vast majority of the crowd was polite & respectful. A small number, not so much. It took about an hour and a half to get things back to normal. There were no injuries.

We will report more information as we receive it from Great Barrington Police.

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