The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll on people including how we think and act. Even the animals seem to be acting in unusual ways. It seems in some cases, animals are becoming much more bold. Maybe with people not out in public as much, our furry counterparts are taking the steps they need to find food.

You probably remember the story we shared with you back in May when a bear broke into my father-in-law's vehicle in Northern Berkshire County. We think this was due to the furry fellow smelling food that had been consumed in the vehicle earlier in the evening. The bear was trapped and ended up destroying the vehicle. If you didn't catch that story the first time around, you can read it by going here.

We have another one that even proves the boldness of our wild friends. A video is included this time too. According to WBZ-TV CBS-Boston, Greenfield, MA resident Matt Bete was sleeping in a chair by the pool Saturday when a bear wandered through the gate, which had been left open.

After getting a drink from the pool, the bear gently nudged Bete’s foot with its paw, then ran off as the homeowner sat up.

“Matt just stayed calm and knew he had a chair and stool there to protect him if he needed it,” Bete’s wife, Dawn told WBZ-TV. “Just crazy!”

Our furry friends are hungry that's for sure. So next time you're poolside, make sure you lock your gate and definietly don't leave any food out to attract bubby to your area unless you're up for that kind of, living on the edge experience.

(video and photo courtesy of WBZ-TV)

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