Lent is here and fish is on the menu. Have you tried Big Y’s Haddock Family Fish Fry dinner? How would like to sink your jaws into fish for free? Big Y and WSBS remind you that when you hear the "Jaws" movie theme be the 5th caller in to (413) 528-0860 and you’ll automatically win a fish fry dinner from Big Y.

These Haddock Family Fish Fry dinners come with six pieces of fresh, never frozen Haddock fillets, family size French fries, one pound of coleslaw and all the condiments. Big Y’s fish is fried in zero trans fat canola oil!

These Haddock Family Fish Fry dinners are available fresh to order seven days a week now right now; one bite and you’re hooked! The winning happens daily Mar. 9 through the 13th! Sink your jaws Into fish with Big Y, 740 Main Street, Great Barrington and your Hometown Station, WSBS.

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