Get ready to take a ride on the road to Wrestlemania! Coming up on the Morning Challenge March 18th - 22nd, Jesse Stewart will play a WWE Superstar's theme music, you give him a call and tell him the Wrestler that matches the theme music. The contest just got an upgrade. If you are the first caller in to 413-528-0860 with the correct answer, you'll automatically win a pair of tickets to see WWE's 'Road To Wrestlemania' event on Sunday, March 24th at the Mullin's Center at UMASS Amherst beginning at 7:00 PM.

Some of the Superstars that you'll see at the Mullin's Center include:

Braun Strowman

Baron Corbin


Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins

Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Chad Gable



Finn Balor

Bobby Lashley

...and many more!

Featured Image: WWE's Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Triple H

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