Our Paczki Polka contest is heating up and we are making winners daily thanks to Big Y. This has to be one of our most popular contests judging by the phone activity. What's a paczki? Paczki are traditional Polish doughnuts. They're deep fried pieces of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with raspberry, prune, Bavarian creme, apple and other delicious fillings. They're available now through March 5, Fat Tuesday.

All you have to do to win a dozen paczkis from Big Y and WSBS is listen for the Paczki Polka Music Montage, when you hear it, be caller number five and you'll win. It's as simple as that (the music montage airs now through this Friday, Feb. 8).

Congratulations to our Thursday winners:

Donna Sermini of Great Barringon

John Discon of Great Barrington

Shirley Perry of Great Barrington

Keep listening, you could be our next winner.

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