Your final opportunity to pick up a dozen delicious Pazcki's is coming up on Friday. Our "Main Man" Jesse and Ron Carson will cue the band as our 5th lucky caller gets the chance to indulge on these traditional Polish doughnuts consisting of delicious fried pieces of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with raspberry, prune, apple, Bavarian creme (my personal favorite) and are available to the general public through February 25th (Fat Tuesday).

Once again, we congratulate Thursday's winners:

Linda Jacquins from Great Barrington, Austin Mosca and Sonny Biasin as they both checked in from "Lovely Lee". Let's not forget Gene Torsey who phoned in from New Marlborough.

Dial carefully and good luck to all from the station that LOVES to make you a winner each and every day: 860 AM and 94.1 FM, WSBS. A reminder: If you are listening LIVE on line or via the FREE WSBS app, Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabled devices, you are subject to a delay, so the best chances to win are via your radio receiver.

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