Wendy Larsen has always wanted to introduce the art of yoga and fitness to others in our area as this mantra is a necessity and priority to her and those who attend weekly classes under her watch, She adds that fitness is one of her main passions in life that provides a slew of residual benefits that also exhibits a high level of energy.

By introducing the act of yoga to her clients provides an outlet of confidence that is brought to each individual in each session. Wendy trained well for her adventure and is also certified to teach as fitness has become a way of making her living as she is also insured and certified by the following organizations: AFAA, ACE, NDEITA, YMCA and Silver Sneakers for over a quarter century.

For a complete list of yoga classes in our area, visit Wendy's web site by logging on here

Wendy practices the Hatha style of yoga as she follows the footsteps of guru Ruth Bender who is a long standing pioneer of yoga in Connecticut's Farmington Valley and now she is working on some new projects that she will share with Ron Carson this weekend on the WSBS Saturday Morning Chat which follows The Trading Post.

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