The Bay State's Department of Conservation and Recreation Urban Foresters are inviting you to participate in a free tree pruning workshop this Wednesday, March 27th from 3 to 5 pm. Jay Girardhas is a certified arborist as he will be making stops throughout Pittsfield and you can assist in the task of pruning street trees. The aim of this event is to help beautify the city now that spring has finally set in all across southern New England.

Some of the topics covered in this on the spot adventure include proper pruning technique, when to prune particular floral species, safety and common pruning mistakes as you can also get some valuable tips in getting trees in your backyard for the upcoming growing season.

This is the 2nd in a series of workshops as part of the free planting program in Pittsfield entitled Greening The Gateway cities. For more information, you can log on here. While you are at this web site, please take some time to make a charitable donation to assist in this worthy cause.

Registration is required by Wednesday afternoon to attend this free outdoor workshop. for those who reside who reside in the designated planting zones. To reserve your space, please call BEAT's education and Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Orenstein at (413) 717-1255 or e mail

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