1) A listener from West Stockbridge has an authentic Vermont butcher block table for sale. She will take BEST offer. If interested, call (413) 281-2476.

2) Kelly once again checked in from Sheffield. she STILL has a futon-love seat which also converts into a double bed for $200 or best offer. For more details, give her a a call at 1-617-775-8592.

3) Robert from "Lovely Lee" has an assortment of items including Kemiko stone tone stain acid based mixtures that converts concrete into stone, 8 gallons of copper patina acid based mixture complete with accessories, ALL for the firm price of ONLY $70. he will also theow in a free padded hammock with 2 mice holes, FREE of charge. if you would like to purchase just the hammock, it is available for only $10. For more information, call (413) 427-7351.

4) A listener from Great Barrington has a treadmill for $200 or he will take best offer. Phone (413) 528-2032.

5) A listener from Housatonic is looking for vintage slot cars dating back to the 60's, 70's and 80's and is selling a 10 inch dual mitre saw for the firm price of 4175. To inquire further, call (413) 329-0637.

6) A listener from sheffield has a set of 4 eighteen inch aluminum alloy wheels with air valves for $40 a piece or take the whole set for $160. To inquire further, call (413) 229-3588.

7) Tom from Great Barrington picked up "The Lucky 7 spot" as he has an assortment of classic hard cover novels and a one piece school desk, ALL FREE of charge. he also has a portable Weber gas grill with a tank of propane gas for $20, firm and a English wicker picnic basket complete with dishes, utensils and plastic cups also for $20, firm. For more information, give him a call at (413) 528-0124.

8) A listener from "Lovely lee" has a vermont cast iron wood stove for the firm price of $300. Call (413) 822-8355.

9) Tom checked in from South Egremont with a trio of items including a 2011 kids size 120 cc automatic four wheeler priced at $375, a 2 foot by 8 foot "Gift Shop" sign for ONLY $225 and a 10 foot Mirage Perception kayak for the incredible price of $135 or he will take best offer on any or all of these items. Call him at (413) 528-0076.

10) Pierre from "Beautiful Becket has a wood splitter for sale. he'll take $550 or best offer. he is also looking for a freezer, a shed and vintage gas and oil signs. If you can assist him in his quest, call (413) 441-2239.

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