1) A listener has an antique wardrobe trunk for sale. He'll take $150 or best offer on this item. If interested, call (413) 717-1468.

2) Tom checked in from South Egremont as he is looking for hunting knives and fishing lures. He also has a Victorian rocking chair with a floral embroidered seat and carved back, sale priced at $35, an 1850's wooden child's sleigh with push handles for only $150 and a vintage 2 sided oval Pennzoil sign reduced to $300. He will also take best offer for any of all of these items. For more details, call (413) 528-0076.

3) Robert chimed in from "lovely" Lee as he is giving away a vintage pair of skis for FREE. He also has a headboard for a double bed for the incredible price of $20 and a 30 by 40 inch wide oak desk with a natural finish and a swivel chair. The whole package is firmly priced at $75. For more information, phone (413) 427-7351.

4) Steve has a pair of weights for only $10. Call him at (413) 528-1048.

5) Housatonic's "Honda Bob" has 4 Michelin Jeep Grand Cherokee tires with mounted mag wheels, priced at $300, firm and a Canon Rebel camera kit complete with a 55 millimeter lens, a 300 millimeter zoom lens and camera case. To inquire further, give him a call at (413) 274-3867.

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