The U.S. China Music Institute of Bard College's Conservatory of Music at Annandale-On-Hudson in New York's  neighboring Dutchess county is presenting their 2020 China Now Music Festival in conjunction with the 250th anniversary of a musical genius: Ludwig Von Beethoven who was born at this time back in 1770..

The legendary composer has enjoyed great popularity among audiences of all ages as  his musical genius and perseverance in the face of adversity has resonated in a nation searching for a way forward. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the world, theaters, concert halls and orchestras are feeling the after-effects with many planned celebrations put on hold, but Beethoven continues to take center stage.

A virtual presentation takes place this week as you can par-take in the legacy to honor a heroic figure who pioneered the musical realm during his prime. Pre-registration is required as this celebration is open for all to enjoy worldwide. You can join in by accessing this link

Here is a schedule of events that will be presented for the remainder of this week:

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16TH, 7:30 PM: "Beethoven In Beijing: An American Orchestra's Journey". This private film screening is a documentary which follows The Philadelphia Orchestra's first time performance in China, dating back to 1973 and chronicles the path way of China to western classical music since the end of The Cultural Revolution. This segment is presented in conjunction with History Making Productions and the Wharton School.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17TH, 8PM: A roundtable discussion will be hosted by the Asia Society of northern California. The event will be moderated by Sheila Melvin as a panel focuses at the future and diplomacy through classical music.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18TH, 7:30 PM: An orchestral concert by The China NCPA Orchestra in Beijing as they spotlight Beethoven's complete Egmont works that is also based on a play first presented by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe back in 1787.

For more information, log on to Bard College's web site

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