On a recent edition of Let's Talk, we spoke with author Sherry Genga. Sherry is the author of the new book The Shattered Oak. Based on a true story, The Shattered Oak is a book that gives the reader insight into the mind of a spousal-abused woman. As most accounts regarding mental health issues come from the medical or psychological viewpoint, we rarely feel the trauma the individual experiences. Barbara takes us inside her emotionally charged existence, letting us experience the anguish of domestic abuse, divorce, attempted suicides, and incarceration in a mental institution. A savior finally unravels the mystery surrounding the contributing factors to her dysfunctional mental state and leads her on the path to recovery.

Sherry Genga experienced Barbara's trauma first hand, "Growing up in a small town in Connecticut, I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason. Barbara's story has a profound stance on the world. The more I share the story, the more I see a strong perspective of healing the delicate minds that are so unbalanced. I have learned so much while writing The Shattered Oak and feeling Barbara's emotional pain, that I have mapped out my own path for a more positive life."

Sherry is doing a book signing and meet and greet at Barnes and Noble in Pittsfield, Friday, June 14 from 6-8 p.m.

Checkout the Let's Talk interview with Sherry below. Enjoy!

Article Image: Sherry Genga in the WSBS air studio.

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