Actors from the Third Act Project’s video series, “Five Wise Guys," will present a live show at Berkshire South Regional Community Center on Thursday, July 11. The show takes place in the Jaffe Theatre at the Center at 6:30 p.m.

If you haven’t seen these old guys do their hilarious roundtable free-for-alls about the ups and downs of life in the third act, you’re in for a treat. The cast is a familiar Berkshires bunch: Danny Klein, former gag writer for Flip Wilson and other greats, author and playwright; Matt Tannenbaum, legendary owner of The Bookstore in Lenox and fabled story-teller; brilliant actors and jokesters Jeff Kent,and Bob Lohbauer who’ve been performing on Berkshire stages for more than thirty years; and Sam Bittman, founder and curator of the Third Act Project.

No topic about life in the sunset years is left unexamined by the Five Wise Guys, and none is too sacred to avoid the occasional goring. Illness, loss of libido and other appetites, fetishes and even death are fair game. There is nothing these boys won’t get into, including sharing their deeply held feelings that show real vulnerability and, in the end, great humanity.

“People approach us all the time saying how much they enjoy our shows,” says Danny Klein. “One guy said recently how envious he was of having a group of pals who can discuss anything with each other.”

You can ticket information by going here.

(press release sent to WSBS from Berkshire South Regional Community Center for online and on-air use)

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