The Bidwell House Museum located at 100 Art School Road in "Marvelous" Monterey is getting ready to re-open their historic facility. Executive Director Heather Kowalski is pleased to announce the public is once again welcome to attend a trio of LIVE History Talk sessions that are scheduled for June 19th, July 10th and July 17th.

There is a on-line lecture taking place via ZOOM tonight (June 9th) as the museum presents a lecture entitled "All That She Carried" featuring author and Harvard University Professor, Tiya Miles as she shares the story of Rose, an enslaved woman who passes along a sack of precious items to her daughter, Ashley as the gesture was presented as a token of love and ensuring her survival. These items have recently been archived as they also document the paths of their lives as this discussion also emphasizes the horrors of slavery plus a focus of the uncertain freedoms afterwards.

You STILL have time to pre-register for the 7 o'clock event by accessing this link. You can also call (413) 528-6888 as space is limited.

Participants have an option of either attending the next three lectures in person OR they will also be available on-line via Zoom. Here is the schedule of events for June and July of 2021:

SATURDAY, JUNE 19TH: "A Conversation With Simon Winchester" The New York Times best selling author will discuss his new literary effort entitled: "Land: How The Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World" as he poses a simple question: Who actually owns the world's land, and why does it matter. The discussion is set to take place at 10 am.

SATURDAY, JULY 10TH: Speaker John Demos who also serves as Samuel Knight Professor of American History Emeritus at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut will present a 10 am lecture entitled: "In The Shadow Of The Founders: Greatest Generations in American History".

SATURDAY, JULY 17TH: Wendy Warren, Associate Professor of History of Princeton University presents a discussion on the topic of incarceration in early America. This event is also scheduled for a 10 am start time.

For more details on these events and future happenings, log on to The Bidwell's web site. You can also get information on becoming a member as your support from all proceeds will benefit future improvements to the historic south county museum.

(The following information was obtained by WSBS via a press release courtesy of The Bidwell House Museum for on-air and on-line usage)

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