The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires is seeking listings for a new publication aimed at helping nonprofits efficiently access information to business products and services. Connecting nonprofits to the resources they need is part of the NPC’s mission and also serves to stimulate the local business-to-nonprofit economy.

“Our job is to make life easier for nonprofits,” said Liana Toscanini, Executive Director of the NPC. “Cataloging nonprofit programs, providers and resources saves nonprofit employees time and money with a one-stop reference booklet. Multiply that by 1000 Berkshire nonprofit organizations and our collective efforts will hopefully have quite an impact.”

The Nonprofit Resource Guide features nearly 100 categories of business used by nonprofits. Listings are free. Simply send an email to with your Business Name, Address, Phone, Email, Web site, and a 12-word description of your services. Businesses can also purchase a business-card size ad for $100 to help them stand out and to support the production of the booklet which will be distributed free to nonprofits. The deadline for listings is October 12.

The Nonprofit Resource Guide is the third publication initiated by the Nonprofit Center since its founding in 2016. The NPC also publishes Berkshire Nonprofit Connections Magazine, and Giving Back: Your Guide to Philanthropic Opportunities in the Berkshires.

The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires helps nonprofits connect, learn and grow. For more information, visit or call (413) 645-3151.

(press release sent to WSBS from Liana Toscanini for online and on-air use, Liana appears in article image and the image was taken from the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires' Facebook Page

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